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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  July 27, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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a disturbing discovery in downtown bethesda. a body found inside a burning car. now investigators are trying to figure out if this was a horrible accident or if foul play was involved. thanks for watching fox 5 midday new i'm holly morris. >> and i'm gurvir dhindsa filling in for allison. the road is open again but the investigation isn't over yet. sherry ly is live with more on our top story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police cleared this accident a short time ago. bradley boulevard reopened as of now. that minivan crashed just beyond the intersection here and caught fire. until the flames were out, police had no idea that there was a body inside.
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investigators with a k-9 unit went over the burned out minivan inside and out, likely sniffing for accelerants. the minivan crashed around 4:00 in the morning. police arrived within a minute of the call. the van was engulfed in flames. firefighters found the body in the driver's seat slumped over the wheel. >> we are investigating with our homicide and collision reconstruction unit. right now we don't know the nature of the death. >> reporter: at this point it is a death investigation. what is unclear is how the van caught fire and if it was a crime. the van does not appear to have any major damage from the wreck. shawn ber oughty who is staying nearby says it raises questions. >> it raises some suspicion and i guess the police are going to do their best to find out what happened. >> reporter: the accident shut down bradley boulevard in both
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directions. tieing up one of bethesda's main arteries for the morning rush hour. >> this has been a mess because i had to go around back way to come to it. >> reporter: the body was taken to the medical examiner's office to determine the cause of death. police can't say whether the body was a man or woman. the reconstruction unit is trying to figure out how the van crashed and burst into flames. >> we don't have direct evidence of foul play at this stage of the investigation but the investigation is just beginning so we are open to all possibilities. >> reporter: police do not expect the results of the autopsy until at least tomorrow. as of now police tell us they believe the victim was the only person inside the van. we have learned that kia did have a problem with the sedona minivan with a fire hazard. those models between 2002 and 2004 were recalled because of
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the wiring underneath the seat could catch fire. police at this point have not told us if this van was one of those recalled. live in bethesda, sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> sherry, thanks a lot. we'll have the latest on this onony at 5:00 this otno tin> he meantime, montgomery county police are on the secain of a suspicious death of a 23- year-old woman found inside in an apartment building or garrland avenue in silver spring. and we have an update on the banita jacks trial. beth parker inside the courtroom says closing arguments are finishing up this day. she's accused of killing her four daughters and living with their bodies for months. this is a bench trial meaning the judge will decide her guilt or innocence and not a jury. we are following another story out of maryland. the helicopter for an 11-year- old girl is over. nicole owen has been found. she went missing after getting into a family dispute last
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night. again, she is safe and sound. >>thce hunt for another 11- year-old is over as well. the ending however is not a happy one. archers found her body yesterday half a mile from where we shent missing near the sassafras river. she had not been seen since a boating accident on friday. montgomery county police are asking for your help in tracking down a man who shot two people outside of a shopping plaza in silver spring. investigators say it started yesterday afternoon when two men were arguing and one pulled out a gun and shot the other one. an innocent bystander nearby was also hit. 12 people were shot and a 2- year-old girl and a pregnant women on the east side of baltimore. most of the victims were hit in the legs, arms, shoulders and back during a barbecue. so far police don't have any
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suspects or motive. to virginia where about 500 v-dot employees will be handed pink slips today. the virginia department of transportation is trying to meet a reduction in staffing. they are part of the plan last year to reduce the agency by 1,000 full time employees and 450 part-timers. they are facing a $200 billion shortfall. nearby businesses are seeing a spike in customers after v-dot closed rest areas. that includes a number of rest stops on i-85, 95, and 66. if you're going to be out driving around today, make sure your air-conditioner is working. it's hot and humid out there again. >> it doesn't feel terrible, but holly, you're right.
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it will get that way for sure. tucker is joining us with the answer as to how t it wi get. >> upper 80s mix t ouy imx l 90s. we have a mix of sun and clouds there that hour. a's ot's bad looking re is a theres a decent amount of sunshine. most of the s shower activity i off to the south d ast. day ay -- day da the should be dry. we could see bulebb t bubble up ter aatodays the air mass is tropical and our dew point temperatures continue to be in the upper 60s and low 70s. current temperatures, 80 now at reagan national and dulles. it will be a warm afternoon with high temperatures back into the upper 80s. and you mix in the very mild dew ints and it will feel humid. and again the possibility of a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the forecast much like yesterday. winds out of the south at about 5-10 miles per hour.
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i'll be back with more details in the forecast to leodt you kw if we'll get any breaks from the summertime eaht and mi. we do have a commuter warning. a portion of 14th street northwest will be closed, between pennsylvania and constitution avenue in front of the reagan building because of a major conference on u.s. china relations taking place in the area. they will close streets for dignitaries to arrive. and this is the first strategic economic dialogue between the united states and china. hillary clinton and tim geithner, the chinese premier and the president helped open the two-day talks. the issues range from the global economic downturn, climate changes, nukes and trade. >> the -- the relationship between the united states and
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china will shape the 21st century. that must under pin our partnership and that is the responsibility that together we bare. as we look to the future we can learn from our past. for history shows us both our nations benefit from muteure interest and respect. >> some 150 chinese leaders are taking part in the talks today. there has been a partial break through in the north korea standoff. they are open to new dialogue over the weapons program. the message appears to refer to the united states, but that wasn't specific. a u.s. born al-qaeda terrorist convicted of platting to kill george bush is back in a courtroom today. he will be sentenced today. he was convicted in federal court in 2005 and sentenced to
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30 years in prison. he appealed, arguing his videotape confession was extracted through torture. last year the federal aappeals court extracted the conviction because they believed the 30 year sentence was too lenient. james von brunn fatally shot a security guard last month and he was shot by other guards earlier this month. his attorney says he wasn't well enough to appear in court. his hearing is scheduled for thursday. he's locked pull up for dui but the alexandria police chief found himself behind bars, accused of the sae crime. chief david baker is on leave and under investigation. and it all stems from a crash over the weekend in arlington. officers say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit for virginia. >> a blemish for a man whose peers say he has a stellar
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record. tisha thompson has more now on the investigation. >> reporter: according to the arl county -- arlington county police, dave baker crashed into another car at the entrance ramp at 66 at north fairfax drive. >> this is a sad day for us. >> reporter: alexandria's mayor and other city loaders placed the -- leaders placed the chief on administrative leave. >> the reaction is surprise. >> reporter: the second highest ranking officer earl cook will act as chief. >> i'm surprised. it's the most i can say. this is behavior i've never seen, it is something that has certainly not been a part of his career or even his hics. >> reporter: baker has been with the police force for nearly 20 years, the last three as chief overseeing more than 480 employees. >> i hold all of my management team, my executive team to the highest possible standard. >> reporter: baker's future is
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now in the hands of city manager jim hartman whose office has launched an investigation. when asked if baker's career was over? >> i'm not prepared to say that right now. we're looki at the facts of this case. it is a very serious situation and the chief and i will have more discussions today and over the next couple of days. >> i talked to him and he's obviously upset and concerned. >> reporter: evethough he didn't speak at the news conference, alexandria's sheriff says he came to show support for his long-term friend. >> i defend his honor. he's an honorable man and it's just not like him. >> reporter: leaving plenty of questions about why such a high profile police officer would decide to drink and drive. in arlington, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> we did try to get ahold of
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him at his phone and a woman there said he was unavailable and hang up the phone. we want to hear from you. you can go to welcome back web page and vote. someone breaks out the spray paint and leaves a hateful trail. plus will she run for president. hillary clinton answers the question. and a bikini clad . bandit the se she robbed a woman and tried to rob a rv dealership. we'll be back in just two minutes. 
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a chilling hate crime leaving a maryland community stunned and police looking for a suspect. they are looking for the person responsible for racist graffiti, vandalism and
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attempted arson in a hair salon. roz plater has the story. >> reporter: all over this brooklyn park hair salon someone left symbols and words of hatred. sher on thea brown owns the salon. >> when i got inside i was hurt because this area, if you haven't noticed it tahe sg in, reyou've been standing here, is multi- cultural. >> reporter: anne arundel county police say it happened early saturday morning. it's not just the graffiti but the thief stole commuters - computers and salon equipment and doused the rest with fuel. >> they put gasoline in here and so if you turn this on, you don't know what is going to happen. >> that is my money, my bread and butter and my bill money. >> reporter: brown says this is the first real trouble in two years she's been here. long-term residents are stunned. >> i've never seen or heard
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anything like that and it to me seems like it's racial which i think is ignorant. >> reporter: even more stunning, the shop is two-doors down from a anne arundel county police substation where officers come and go through out the day and night. some of the hatred seems directed at asian neighbors too and says more is to come but brown says she's not flinching. >> i'm not going to leave. i'm not going to stop doing what i've been doing. this is my life. more to come for me, that means the best is just to come. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. >> brown is estimating it could take her a couple months to get back up and running, two months out without the money she depends on to feed her family. checking national headlines, police are investigating a deadly crash on a parkway north of new york city. eight people were killed when a minivan full of passengers went
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down the wrong way on the parkway and slammed into an suv head on and hit north vehicle before rolling down an embankment and catching fire. police are not sure where the driver of the minivan was going in the wrong direction. a former american idol castoff was found dead oar the weekend -- over the weekend on the jersey shore. police believe the victim was -- police believe she was a victim of a hit-and-run. she was on american idol and known as glitter girl. she was an aspiring comedienne and actress. the nomination of sonia sotomayor moves forward. the senate judiciary committee votes tomorrow on whether to reject or confirm her. two republicans have said they will vote against her but four plan to support her nomination. former illinois governor
11:18 am
rod blagojevich is taking aim at the governor who replaced him. >> i want to talk about how you can act and hold the politicians more accountable to you. >> blagojevich was impeached and he is charged with federal corruptions and hosted a tv show so voters could hear his side of the story. secretary of state hillary clinton was faced with the question will she take another shot at the white house. during uninterview on sunday -- an interview is he said she's not planning on running but left wiggle room and said she doubts that anything like that will be a part of her life, but not a simple yes or no. a surprise visit to a local burger joint. president clinton popped into z burger in tenleytown. he hu around taking pictures
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and ordered a burger and fries. and the restaurant deal is occurring this weekend. go to and check under web links for more information. you can't miss the commercials but now it is officially off and running. the cash for clunkers program is a billion dollar plan to get americans to turn in their less fuel-efficient cars to a new model. so how do you cash in? you need to find out if your old car is eligible. it must be a 1984 model or newer, be in driveable condition, and get 18 miles per hour or less. that's the combined fuel economy when your car was new. several websites will give yu that information. then you can look for your new car options. you'll get between $3,500 and $4,500 for your trade-in, depending on how fuel efficient your new ride will be. we have all of the information you need about the cash for
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clunkers program on our website,, look under web links. it was an arrest that sparked international headnes and a comment from the president and now the president wants to sit down with henry gates and the officer who arrested him. we know the job market is a tough one right now but some recent college grads aren't waiting for things to turn around. how they're paving the way for their own career. keep it here and we'll be right back.
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time to find out what is cooking on this monday and it is a feast with just the right beverage to accomplish. welcome back, it's good to see you and welcome to you. >> thank you very much. >> what are we cooking up today. >> we're cooking some tempera soft shells. >> and on a scale of 1-10, i
11:24 am
can't cook it and i have to come to you, what would you say? >> this is probably one of the easiest things to do if you c clean the soft shells. many people don't know how to clean them or don't like to clean them. >> i'm not sure i would like doing that. and then we are pairing up the perfect drinks to go with crabs. >> yes. we have two options. a wine and a beer pairing because some people like both. and so they are very summery to go with lots of other seafood. so we'll talk about sawen blank and a wheat beer. >> very good. so i think it's going to be a good lunch for us on this monday, what do you think? >> sounds great. i was just thinking about the weekend, because it sounds like a weekend type of feast. >> it sounds like a summer type of feast. >> it feels like it outside. now the humidity is back it feels like summertime.
11:25 am
and we have sunshine across the -- the area. we'll have a look at the -- at the forecast. >> josh. a delay could be on the way for the health care reform. i'm josh eininger and i'll explain. program his remote? it's like you've been watching him all day. have you been watching me all day? no. (announcer) want the ultimate upgrade for your home? switch to verizon fios. unlike cable, os brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home for razor-sharp tv, america's top rated internet, and crystal-clear phone service, just $79.99 a month for the first six months. it's like 3 services for the price of 2. just sign up today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v and, at no extra cost, we'll set up your wireless home network, remote and walk you through the feates.
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now a look at some top stories today. a body find inside a burning minivan in bethesda. police say the car crashed into a median around 4:00 this morning. moments later it was fully engulfed in flames. firefighters found the body in the driver's seat slump over the wheel. it is unclear whether this was an accident or a crime. >> and it was a frighten scene in baltimore. 12 people were shot including a 2-year-old girl and a pregnant woman last night at a backyard barbecue. most of the victims were hit in
11:29 am
the legs and arms and shoulders and back. so far police have no suspects and no motive. health and school leaders in maryland will gather today at a swine flu summit in annapolis. on the agenda is seasonal flu immunization and emergency preparedness. the center for disease control projects up to 40% of americans could cash swine flu this year. and without a successful vaccine it could kill several hundred thousand people worldwide. with the august recess looming, this could be a make or break week on capitol hill for health care reform. democrats ended last week on a sour note, squabbling over how to pay for it. johnineinger is on the hill with what to look for this week. >> reporter: hillary clinton reform most be the ambitious item on the present's agenda. but in just over a week as the
11:30 am
capitol hill shuts down it could derail his plans. the president had been hoping for both the house and senate to vote by august. in order to complete the massive bill by the end of the year. the white house press secretary robert gibbs told fox news sunday the president's deadline was really more like a guideline. >> he set a deadline in order to poke and prod congress into moving because, as you well know, having spent any timen this town, without a little poking and prodding not a lot gets done. >> gibbs says there is widespread agreement on 80% of health care but the other 20% can be tricky. the most conservative democrats, the blue dogs, are trying to limit the cost of subsidies that will help people afford insurance. they also want to ease any extra burden on small business owners. >> not only are we spending one in every $6 in the economy, we're heading for a circumstance where we'll spend 1 in every # dollars on health care. >> reporter: and one idea is to tax insurance companies on the
11:31 am
most expensivplans to customers. democrats seem agree on that. but a key obama proposal to limit medicare reimbursement may not save as much as he had hoped. >> it turns out that the congressional budget office in scoring the proposals has scored very little svings and huge costs. >> and while things may be quieting down here in washington next month, you can expect plenty of noise on the airways natiowide with an expected berrage of tv advertising as lobbyist try to sway members of congress while home. nancy pelosi insists she has the votes to move forward with the plan despite concerns among fiscally conservative fellow democrats. also on president's agenda this week, a sitdown with an african-american scholar and the white officer behind his arrestment the two accepted the
11:32 am
president's offer to meet. the professor hopes his arrest will lead to greater sensitivity on racial profiling. the president extended invitations to both the professor and the officer and said they could talk about it over beer. >> they should have it indoors. >> it's humid and sunny and summertime in washington. summer kicks in and it's here to stay. >> and we're in the pattern. >> i'm happy because my garden is getting the rain. >> i've been hearing about your tomatoes daily, your lettuce. a few more showers in the c. o re tsts afternoon. nda hu tod. nd a humid. very slow to change in this n't see a whole lot in the way of cooler temperatures any time soon. the radar in action. for right now we're quiet. look across the area. here we are in washington.
11:33 am
quiet conditions out there, a mix of sun and clouds. we did have -- there we go, see that one lone some shower south of dover. and heavy thunderstorms south of the city and pushing across st. marries and down toward cambridge and oxford. we'll see if we don't get a few more bubbling up buit qeret be quieter as our frontal system has pushed off to the southeast. 80 degrees now at reagan national. humidity 69%. check out the winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. and it's that flow here out of the song and the south west the next couple of days that will keep us in the tropical heat around here. so it should be -- if y like summertime it should be nice this week. 80s in washington. 79 right now in baltimore. and you can see low 80s even in the mountains. winchester is 81. hagerstown is 80. ocean city is 83. nice looking down at the beaches a nice sunshine for the
11:34 am
next couple of hours and than we'll see if rain showers move into the washington area. the thunderstorms i mentioned, see those racing off to the north and east, they are out of here. now a mix of sun and clouds across the washington area right now and out to the west toward ohio and kentucky, much quieter weather out there. a lot of sunshine. but it won't get a chance to get in here as the flow is out of the south. so with a couple of frontal systems in the neighbor, we have the possibility of a couple of rain showers and activity. and this will wash out as it moves through the area. so we'll keep the shower or thunderstorm in the forecast for the next couple of days and the humidity as well. so nice and summery for the next couple of days. plenty of clouds. mostly cloudy by late afternoon. scattered showers and thunderstorms. certainly a possibility. 30-40% chance. maybe this will stay dry. humid as well. winds out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour. tonight partly cloudy. early showers and maybe a thunderstorm possible during
11:35 am
the evening hours. overnight low 71. so iwill l be on the warm side. here is your five-day forecast. warmer tomorrow, 91 grees, chance for a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. cooler, that's another front tuesday into wednesday. a little cooler, 88 on wednesday. but i couldn't take a shower or thunderstorm out of the forecast all we and you can see temperatures in the upper 80s. and that will lead to the dog days of summer, which is the first part of summer. >> that's true. my dog is tired of the storms. >> it scares her. >> a lot of weather requests. good news about an unlikely pair of best friends at the d.c. . well the odd couple has a new home. a fox 5 viewer named sandy and her husband adopted them. they decided to adopt them.
11:36 am
>> i think that's my favorite story of the day. it's a bad time to be in the market for a new job and nobody knows it bett thaern new gradates. >> they aren't waiting for the phone to ring. they are creating their own jobs and we'll tell you how, next. don't go anywhere. and this is your movies on dand screen.
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oh cool. (cableuy) so what aryou going to do ne? who are you? who is he? it's okay. well, i'm going to... activate over 100 hd channels? program his remote? it's like you've been watching him all day. have you been watching me all day? no. (announcer) want the ultimate upgrade for your home? switch to verizon fios. unlike cable, fios brings 100% fiber optics straight to your home for razor-shartv, america's top rated internet, and crystal-clear phone service, just $79.99 a month for the first six months. it's like 3 services for the price of 2. just sign up today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v and, at no extra cost, we'll set up your wireless home network, remote and walk you through the features. with fios, finding moviess a snap. check traffic, weather .
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even stream music and photos from your computer to your tv. it's just $799 a month for six months. our best price of the year. don't wait. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v the number of recent college gradates struggling to find work in the troubled economy continues to grow. >> but a lot of gradates are not waiting around for a call back. they've decided to create their own opportunities. corrina zahn has more. >> well it is not a full body. >> reporter: like many students her age, beth ann worked through college, a job forced to keep after graduating this past may. >> it's frustrating because you look at how many cover letters that you send out and realize
11:40 am
how few replies you're getting. >> i'm waiting on one more. >> reporter: instead of waiting for her phone to ring, she decided to start her own business as a party planner and is working a third job dog sitting. >> what you're realizing is just because you have acquire that degree does not mean you'll have employment. >> reporter: she is part of a growing number of graduates turning entrepreneur. companies are now expect to hire 22% fewer college gradates this year compared to last year. so experts say young adults are stepping out on their own. >> it is getting cheaper and easier. you often only need a few thousand dollars or sometimes a few hundred dollars to get a business off the ground. >> reporter: but like corporate america, small startups are also seeing turbulent times. college seenon bill pulsey started his own aerial photography business and while being the boss has always been his first choice, he's feeling
11:41 am
the economy's affects firsthand. >> the recession has had an affect on my small business. we originally had 13 employees and then down to 7 and now three. >> reporter: and grads remain hopeful about the future, confident this is a test they will pass. >> it will make my generation a better work for -- force when we have a challenge of getting a job, when we get the job we'll be more focused. >> reporter: a future is still very bright. corrina dun, fox news. >> the national unemployment rate for june was 5.9%. work is not an issue for the octo-mom and her 14 kids. she has signed on the dotted line. she and her 14 children will make $250 a day for a new reality show. the show is scheduled to begin taping september 1st and will pay the children a total of $250,000 over the next three
11:42 am
years. an elite squad of guinea pigs has knocked harry potter off the top spot. g-force took the top spot bringing in more than $31 million. harry potter came in 2nd bringing in $30 million. the ugly truth, orphan and ice age round out the top 5. well do you sometimes wish someone would say something nice to you. we're going to get a lot of that today. we have all of the compliments you can handle courtesy of two gentlemen. we're going to have more on what the compliment guys are doing here. >> that tells you what you need to know. we're going to head back over to studio b. to see what our guest che f and wine expert are pairing up. we'll be back in just a minute. f
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11:45 am
we're following breaking news this midday. a u.s. born al-qaeda terrorist
11:46 am
has receive aid new and stronger sentence on his conviction for platting to assassinate george w. bush. he was sentenced to life in prison today. the falls church man was convicted back in 2005 and was sentenced to 30 years behind bars. he appealed, arguing his videotape confession was extracted through torture. last year a federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing because they viewed the 30 year term as too lenient. >> let's head over to studio b. with holly morris. we have a our chef and wine coach lori that tells us what to drink with these wonderful meals. so let's cook first. >> we're making soft shells. we're starting with tempera, so this is flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar and ice cold water. that is very important because
11:47 am
the water keeps the people purra from getting really dense and fries up crisper and stays light. >> because that's what people like. it's not a heavy deep fried deal. >> exactly. so we're not going to tell you how to clean the soft shells. >> but can you tell us a quick -- >> sure. underneath here are the gills that gene cleans here and there is an apron that gets cleared off. >> you can buy them already cleaned? >> you can. a lot of fish markets will have them for you already cleaned. so this goes into our ice cold tempera batter and this will get loud because we're frying at 350 degrees. i use a vegetable oil for frying. peanut oil would be ideal with
11:48 am
so many peanutal earp -- peanut allergies you want to stay away from that. >> and that fries quickly. and you keep your thermometer there. >> yes. >> and what if you get it too hot. >> the outside will get dark and the inside will be raw. >> i can't hear you. he said it would get loud. it soundsood. >> nothing like fried food. >> right. >> now with that -- >> and we can hear our arteries clogging now. >> but we're using vegetable oil. and we have local tomatoes, some ginger lime and a zest as well as a juice. we'll grill our tomatoes and then put that down and get a beautiful little grilled tomato sauce. >> now when you're grilling your tomato, is there anything to keep in mind. >> high heat, nice and cared on the outside and that will get chopped down so it's nice and smooth. >> do you put olive oil on
11:49 am
them. >> just to get the char on the outside and get flavor. >> and you can use any of the kinds of tomatoes. >> i know it's tomato season so whatever is fresh at your local farmer's market. >> absolutely. as soon as they come out of the fryer, you want to hit them with some salt and pepper to make sure they are seasoned well. and then we're going to serve with a little vegetable slaw here in front. >> look at that. perfect. two of those little guys. top with the sauce. and just a little bit of sauce. >> presentation is everything, isn't it. look at that. i'm telling you, if you serve that, your guests would be impressed. >> and we have a great farm over on the shore that is growing micro greens for us. so that is right on top. >> it's making me thirsty. so what do we drink with this.
11:50 am
>> so with the softshell crab it's the precipitation and it's battered but its light. so i went with a save savaugn blank with mango and melon and it cuts the fat and plays well because he has citrus in the tomato sauce and tomato is pretty acidity. so when you have acid in the food, you want acid in the drink. >> we don't have a lot of time. >> but if ou love beer, it is wheat eer. it is the ho garden white beer and it has yeast in it and they flavor it with cory ander and orange peels so your citrus is coming in. >> if you want any of this information it is on our website and don't forget, if there is a restaurant or a dish you would like to see features here on
11:51 am
-- on midday, drop us a line at d this is your movies on demand screen. oh cool. (cable guy) so what are you going to do next? who are you? who is he? it's okay. well, i'm going to...
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we've got some special guests around the water cooler today. these guys are known as the compliment guys. >> cameron brown and brett web scott. they are on a tour of ten cities around america handing out come employments to people from purdue university. thank you for joining us. >> i love your pinstripes too, guys. >> thank you. >> see how that made us both
11:55 am
smile. >> did it start -- what made you do this? you did it on campus. >> just one random wednesday we wanted to do something nice. we had flyers painted on the ground because everybody looks down. >> but why? >> because we noticed people were looking down and we didn't know if it was in the middle of indiana or a bad test or rain day and we noticed people weren't smiling and communicating and we wanted to go out there and break the mold and have people smile at each other and be comfortable around each other. >> and it started at your university and you started off with in a small way, what was the reaction? >> there was a lot of people that just kind of kept walking by and didn't really say too much the first day. but as we were out there every wednesday, people were more receptive to it and we would have people that were regulars that would come back and now we
11:56 am
get tons of high-fives and people compliment us before we get to them. >> and when you make the compliment, for example when gurvir came up you said nice handshake, are the compliments sincere? >> of course they are. we won't be out there every wednesday if we weren't sincere. and we're really happy to be in washington, d.c. right now and we got lucky, kodak promotes smiles and build and strengthens relationship through photography so we're reaching an audience. we went to new orleans and you can check it out at bright side >> but is it -- you all have bad days too when you're not feeling so great, is it hard sometimes.
11:57 am
>> no. it makes it better. we look forward to compliments and it gets through the week faster. >> even if i'm having a bad day, going out there makes me feels better. even though i have to go learn calculus two -- >> what are you studying. >> business management. >> i'm in engineering. >> and you guys were just doing this and kodak found you and now they're sponsoring this tour and it's called the bright side tour and there is a term for this now, i guess it's bright siding somebody. where else are you going? you're here in washington and in new orleans. how was atlanta? >> it was great. we went to olympic park and it was great. >> has anybody said -- you haven't been to new york city. >> we were. we were on good morning america. we did get to compliment time square and now we're going back. >> is it better in some places
11:58 am
than others, like the south more receptive or do you find people are people? >> everybody is pretty receptive everywhere. they hear it and they kind of turn around and they read the sign and they they crack a smile. >> but has anyone said to you, just shut up? >> no. not on this tour. this tour has been so much fun and there hasn't been an -- one person who said go away, why are you out here, what are you doing. that has not happened. we've had an amazing time in every city. >> you're in philly tomorrow. we'll see if it happens there. >> philly fans are tough. you are going to wrap this up and are you going to take something away from it when you go your separate ways? >> we'll do it at purdue when we get back. we have two more years of school and complimenting there. >> nicely done. >> good job. >> thank you. you guys gave a great interview. >> all right. >> on that note, let's go back over to holly in studio b. >> very good.
11:59 am
thank you. this morning i was at curry's auto service in arlington and you might be wondering why and it looks so beautiful, as you can see is because they are certified as a female friendly auto service shop. certified by ask which is a wonderful website that caters to women and helps them not feel intimidated as far as purchasing and maintaining and repairing a car and ideas on how to find a reputable shop. there are five curries in the area and they will teach you what you need to do to make sure your car is ready for a vacation and will do it for free and teach you how to change a tire and they have female driving classes. and we have james barrett from the westin in annapolis. and we are lori, they and they having a


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